Gothaam Outreach

Greater New York Oxidant Trace gas Halogen and Aerosol Airborne Mission
Summer 2023

There are a number of Research activities that will be taking place in the greater NYC Region during the GOTHAAM deployment. These include the following:

  • AEROMMA (Atmospheric Emissions and Reactions Observed from Megacities to Marine Areas), a NOAA project
  • Deployment of ground-based instrumentation at the Advanced Sciences Research Center Observatory (ASRC)
  • Deployment of tower-based instrumentation on Long Island, New York (FROG; NOAA)
  • Deployment of ground based instrumentation at Flax Pond Observatory, Long Island (NSF/EPA/NYSDEC)
  • And elsewhere, possibly including ground based sites in New Jersey and Staten Island (evolving).

OPEN HOUSE! The NSF Hercules C-130 Research Aircraft, operated by the Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL) of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, will be based at an airport on Long Island during July 2023. There will be an Open House for the General Public during this time, as scheduling permits. Please check back here as we get closer to deployment!

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